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John Fitzpatrick as a residential architect in Austin, has been a pioneer in CAD technologies, especially with 4D BIM technology which not only provides the visual aid but it also allows the building owner to perform “what-if” analysis. With BIM, construction documents are produced more easily, allowing the architect to spend more time on the building design.

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Architect in Austin using BIM

John Fitzpatrick has always believed in using the most advanced tools to produce architecture. John can proudly say that his company started with CAD technology when this was still very young. More importantly John started using BIM (Building Information Technology) since 1999, making him one of the first architects in Austin to use this Technology.

Building Information Model or BIM is the process of developing building model which is used in presenting and visualizing building components, construction sequences, resource allocation and other disciplines of construction process in a virtual environment. Building Information Model is an object-oriented building progress tool that utilizes 4D modeling concepts to design and build a building, as well as communicate its essentials. BIM process generates 3D Model encompassing geometric and geographic information of the building and properties of its components.

If you ask building owners and operators they will tell you numerous advantages of BIM and significant benefits of using building information modeling (BIM) during building construction life cycle. Some of very prominent benefits of BIM Modeling are: Advantages of BIM:

  • Effective marketing presentation of construction approaches
  • BIM helps in identifying possible conflicts that may arise during building construction
  • Biggest advantage of using BIM is lesser amount of errors and hence rectifications – saving costs and resources
  • BIM allows for more “what if” analysis, such as easily modifying and viewing optional designs.
  • BIM helps clients and end-users in understanding and visualizing the end product
  • BIM helps owner in taking informed decisions about the proposed project.
  • Image and video representation capabilities.
  • BIM improves coordination in construction sequencing

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