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Project Sequence for a Custom Home Design in Austin

• Interview
An initial interview between the clients and architect will be held to discuss the client’s vision of their home, the conditions of the site and the scope of work required of the architect. A fee proposal is then prepared and reviewed by the client. After the contract is finalized, it is time to begin the design phase.


• First Meeting
The first meeting consists of a detailed discussion of the design goals and establishes a written project program outline. Any project should begin with a thorough examination of needs, goals and constraints, to form as complete as possible an understanding of all issues. The following topics represent examples of items for discussions: style of living, household members, listing of rooms, room sizes and locations, special features, outdoor living, design style options and preliminary construction budget.


• Initial Site Evaluation
Before the custom home design in Austin can begin on your new home/remodel, the client and architect visit the site to review the house location, orientation, trees, terrain, views and other conditions that may influence the home design. We require building code research for your municipality or subdivision, a topography and tree survey is commissioned.

• Schematic Design Phase
At this point the architect creates an initial schematic design of the floor plans and site plan. This sketch is then reviewed with the client and any revisions are incorporated into the drawing. Once the basic home plan is approved, the architect will design the exterior elevation. During this phase, we work with you on alternative approaches to the design and construction of your new home or addition. Upon completion of the preliminary sketch-design phase, we start the design development phase. Design is seldom a linear process, one

typically moves back and forth between phases, allowing ideas from more comprehensive designs to influence and transform the overall design course previously established.


• Design Development Phase
The preliminary design is reviewed and adjustments/changes are made. During this time layout, form and overall appearance of both building and site are determined. Sketches, drawings and CAD computer aided designs are prepared to help evaluate the ideas and concepts. These set the final direction for refining the design. This is a good time to introduce the project to your builder, who will have valuable input on cost-savings and other issues.

• Construction Drawing Phase
We prepare drawings and specifications required for the construction of the project. During this phase the client and architect will hold meetings to discuss interior elements including ceilings, fireplaces, cabinets, electrical, special details, architectural elements and finishes. Upon completion of the construction documents, the plans will be submitted to the builder or builders to start the bid process.

• Computer Modeling Services
Computer modeling services help clients visualize and understand the project before construction. The client can study different materials, we can map any material, such as stone or brick into the project and virtually any view or section can be generated. 3D modeling capabilities enable us to do detailed studies for any area of the project.

• Bid Phase
Upon completion of the Construction Drawing Phase, the architect can assist the client with the selection of potential builders and be available to the builders to clarify any construction documents.

• Construction Observation
The architect may be engaged by the client to assist in observing construction, resolve aesthetic issues and monitor the construction for design intent.

John Fitzpatrick, Architect of Custom Home Design Austin

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