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Residential Architect in Austin

John Fitzpatrick was raised in Texas and is a University of Texas alumnus. It was while at UT that he made Austin his home. John has been a licensed practicing, award winning, residential architect in Austin with his own firm for over 30 years. John has worked on several commercial projects but his primary focus has been residential.

During his career, John has spent a few years designing commercial projects on the Eastern Seaboard, a sojourn he describes as “architecturally useful, broadening and enriching.” Fitzpatrick embarked on trips abroad for informal studies of European architecture in venues such as Italy, France and Greece, focusing not only on facades but giving equal attention to the small detail such as stonework, roof lines, trim, doors, shutters and chimneys.

John Fitzpatrick believes the focus in creating designs should be based on the architect’s guidance to achieve a close collaboration with the client and therefore meet the client’s needs while creating a unique, livable and timeless home.

Being a residential architect in Austin has not limited John’s frontiers. John has been careful to keep up with the most current technology and remote capabilities, which has enabled him to project his passion for architecture throughout the United States, especially Texas.

As a residential architect in Austin, John has been dedicated to creating exceptional architecture reflecting the client’s vision not the architect’s.

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