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Texas Architects

Texas Architects

As Texas architects we strive for a balance between unique timeless homes and the client’s needs, while remaining responsible and sensitive to the environment.

Client’s on Fitzpatrick Architects

"The first drawing John presented us was 90 percent of what we wanted. He's very conscientious about flow, and room arrangement, and how you live, and what you anticipate doing in your home. It was a home with a lot of warmth. My kitchen was everything I ever wanted; it was large enough for everyone to congregate. It was the perfect kitchen."
–Robin Brown

 "John Fitzpatrick is talented and professional. He makes a building project fun. He gets excited himself and he puts a lot of himself into it."
–Boyce Hornburg

"John's strength is to be able to interpret his client's ideas and translate them into reality."
–Anne Greenway

"One of the things I liked most about John was how well he listened. And I remember we had probably four or five meetings with him before he committed anything to paper. They were meetings in his office, meetings where he came to our house or our existing house at the time and looked at what we had already done and pick up ideas on style, a meeting where we came over and walked the lot and talked in good detail about how the house would be situated and he sort of took a whole lot of input before he even started drawing….The design work he did was meticulous."
-Andy Greenwalt

"It's been a fun project…I've found him easy to work with…he listens."
–Mary Nell Frucella

"I really had a truly wonderful experience and I loved to drop into John's office and talk to him…We wanted to create a house that our children would come home to and bring their families."
-Dana Sutton

"Fitzpatrick Architect has done a great job and many thanks for your assistance….We feel your staff showed outstanding professionalism and knowledge within your industry. Working with your company has been a great experience; please feel free to use us as an additional reference."
-Bob Ryan

We are proud to be part of the Texas architects community who care for our natural surroundings. We do our best to find a balance between architecture and our natural surroundings to increase conservation and maintain sustainability, the responsible way.

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